M.Arch (Building Construction & Management)

The correlation between infrastructure spend and economic growth is mostly linear. India annually spends nearly 6% of her GDP on infrastructure development. India’s spend on infrastructure, expressed as a share of its GDP, is nearly twice the global mean. We invest nearly Rs. 20,000 crore every year on building and maintaining our public infrastructure including roads, ports, airports, and in the construction industry.

These are exciting times: off-site lean construction technologies abound, so do opportunities for smartness in construction at speed and scale. The infrastructure and construction industry however confronts poor on-time completion and also inordinate cost overruns. Time and cost overruns manifest in projects of all sizes in both rural and urban settlements of the country. These overruns are so endemic in project implementation that it is now news to us if projects are indeed completed and delivered on time.

Ashoka School of Planning and Architecture (ASPA) is in this context launching an industry driven Master’s Program in Building Construction and Management. Construction management involves planning, coordination and control of a construction process from beginning till the end. Project management aims at producing and delivering a project that meets client expectations on budget and schedule, at an acceptable risk, quality, and safety.

The program will be recognised by the Council of Architecture, MoHRD, GoI, and is being offered in affiliation with Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University (JNAFAU).

The program is open to students who have either completed B.Arch or BE (Civil) from a reputed institution and with a passion for contributing to nation building and infrastructure development. This program aims to empower students in the areas of construction technologies, project management and relevant software applications. It will enable students to have industry experience and interactions with leading players in the infrastructure and construction space.

Some features of the Architecture Program at ASPA are:

Some Features of the M.Arch Program at ASPA


Understand national policies and legislation in the field of building construction and infrastructure development.


Attain and gain advanced skills in project management including CCPM and new age methods of managing large scale infrastructure projects.


Engage in environment friendly fast-track construction techniques and technologies.


Design for value and thoroughly understand procurement practices in large-scale construction projects.


Have ability to engage in strategic and lateral thinking, management of people, and gain advanced negotiation skills.


Gain broad knowledge of the construction sector covering various topics such integration of other services and operational priorities, maintenance procedures, safety-critical components, robustness in the different areas of buildings, infrastructure, advanced materials, sustainable practices, energy management, supply chain management, recycling and life-cycle management.


Appreciate innovation in advanced construction technologies and materials.


Have knowledge of sustainable development goals and targets.


Utilise smart infrastructure and construction technologies.


Attain skills in and knowledge of real estate management principles.


Undertake project appraisal and analyse various infrastructure finance options including land based development and partnerships.

Future Prospects

Construction management professionals lead projects through their techno-management skills at the highest levels of leadership. Building construction and management is one of the most coveted professions in India’s emerging landscape. Industries in the construction and infrastructure space are in need of services of professionals with specialisation in construction and project management.